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An established ophthalmology company, Medmont, offered first-class technology and medical devices but needed an updated identity and new website that accurately reflected the benefits and quality of their products.


For the logo design, less is more. Removing the dated 3D effects and updating the font made their logo feel fresh and comtemporary. Starting with a revamped site architecture and site map, I then completed a full set of wireframes to establish the new information hierarchy.


The website design concept was based on amazing landscapes that could be seen in a new light after solving the issues discovered by their products. The new design focused on educating professionals about the benefits of their products. I weaved interactive elements throughout the site to aid the users understanding of complex product specs and features.

Brand Update

old logo
Logo Design

Website Design

Starting with a new site architecture, I created a responsive design that highlighted the product benefits through visuals and interactions that illustrated their features.

Site Map

Site Map

Wireframe Design

wireframe design

Mood Board

mood board and visual elements

Style Guide

color palette
Color Palette

UI Design

website before
website after

Product Pages

product page design
product page design