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Hobie has invented the ways we have fun on the water since 1950. The company was looking to create a cohesive campaign that could be applied to all of their product divisions and elevate their perception as a leader in outdoor sports and recreation.


I wanted to create a unified treatment that could be applied to each sport and build a recognizable identity for the brand. The type treatment was chosen to convey an outdoor adventure feel and helped appeal to a wider demographic.


For this campaign, “Alter Your Boundaries” takes on a double-meaning. For those close to the brand, they recognize that it pays homage to Hobie Alter, the legendary founder and ground-breaking inventor. The second meaning describes how Hobie’s innovative products take you to a new world. Amazing photography combined with a unique treatment made the campaign stand out against the competition.

AIGA Award Winner

The campaign was the AIGA OC Design Awards Winner for Advertising, Print & Publication

Hobie Fishing Ad
Hobie Fishing Ad
Hobie Sailing Ad