Digital Art Director & UI Designer

Bob Burks

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Bob Burks

Building powerful brands is my passion and I bring my unique skills and creativity to every brand experience.

Years Agency Experience
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My Experience

Senior Digital Art Director
L7 Creative, November 2018 – current

Senior Art Director
SDA Creative Inc., August 2011 – October 2018

Senior Graphic Designer
SDA Creative Inc., May 2006 – July 2011

Freelance Website UI Designer, Developer and Branding Specialist
Studio 2055, Flowers Group Advertising Agency, Red Cab Design Agency, 2004 – 2006


Art Direction

Website UI Design



Davey Awards Gold Winner
L7 Creative – Agency Website

Vega Awards Centauri Winner
L7 Creative – Agency Website

L7 Creative – Agency Webiste

Muse Design Awards Silver
Kannabooch – Brand Design

AIGA OC Design Awards Winner Advertising, Print & Publication
Hobie – Alter Your Boundaries Campaign

Kind Words

I’ve been working with Bob since 2008 – he’s a stellar designer and a pleasure to work with. He created digital branding, website designs, digital marketing campaigns, branding strategy guides and numerous trade show graphics for us. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a strategic design pro that gets the big picture and how to launch a marketing campaign.
Erin Swanson
I worked closely with Bob for over 4 years. It takes me no hesitation to say he’s the perfect balance of creativity, diligence, and versatility. His talents span across a range of creative projects including UI/UX, website designs, logos, branding, creative concepts, ad campaigns, video shoots, and more.
Christina Gineris
I had the pleasure of working with Bob for a few years at SDA. He was always great to work with, positive, creative and organized. As an art director, Bob's skills both creatively and technically were always top of the line. He was always willing to give great feedback on my projects and open to creative input on the projects he was working on. He always brings a fresh approach to his projects and great concepts to his designs. If you have the opportunity to work with Bob, you will not be disappointed. Simply put, Bob is an inspirational designer, who adds value to any team or project he is a part of.
Allison Stewart